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Parth Zala

Laptop Stand, Ventilated, 3D Printable

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A 3D printable Ventilated Laptop stand. Length, Width and Height can be adjusted as needed, making it perfect for your laptop. If you are really using your laptop with all it's power, then this is the thing you need to make sure continuous airflow below laptop surface. Keeping it cool and fast. It is also useful when using laptop on soft surfaces like Mattresses. Front and rear height are separate so you can adjust the slop as well if you with. A holding clip provided with this will make sure that your laptop don't slips if the slop is high or due to a sudden jerk. Clip is snap fit so can be attached and removed. This is 3D printable so easy to get one after making it of the needed size. After printing all files glue them together. Geometric shape will keep them in place firmly.

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You are purchasing a collection of 3D and 2D files, custom made to match the design specifications that you input into the form.

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